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We are a multi-purpose venue providing youth activities, live music, events and conferences all in the heart of Norwich

The OPEN Youth Trust was established to provide opportunities for young people in Norfolk including those who are most disadvantaged, with the longer term aim of making a positive difference to their lives.

Through the commercial activities OPEN Conference, Live Music & CLOSED Secure Storage, the OPEN Youth Trust is able to offer a range of different activities, most of which are free to attend, for young people aged 7 – 25. 

The OPEN Youth Trust also manages the SOS Bus.


We aim to provide diverse and innovative ways to engage young people with focus on four key areas: participation, learning, employability and progression. All four underline the way in which we engage with young people to make a positive difference to their lives.

Click here to see our Youth Participation Strategy for 2015 - 2020.

We seek flexible solutions that are adaptable to the evolving landscape of young people including their varied attittudes, backgrounds, interests and behaviours.

The way we work and our culture is underpinned by our core values, passion, respect, community, diversity and inspiration.  These values help provide support, resources and processes that will enable our individual teams to work together and deliver life changing opportunities.

Click here for a copy of our Youth Engagement Strategy 2015 - 2020.

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